In the spring of 1992, five young men were brought together by a common heritage deeply rooted in the ministry of Gospel Music that now spans five decades.  It all began on the back of their dads’ tour bus late one Saturday night on the way home from a gospel singing.  In many ways it was a night no different than any other Saturday night in the boy’s lives; however, there was something very special about this particular night.  By the end of the long journey home, the boys had picked out the harmonies to the old gospel standard, “Amazing Grace.”  Thus, the birth of The Second Edition Quartet Ministries. 

Since that time, they have remained continually amazed by the Lord’s blessing and provision.  They remain respectful and mindful of the fact that this ministry has thrived for more than 25 years through no effort of their own, but only by the grace and favor of almighty GOD.  HE is the reason Second Edition began, and HE remains the reason they continue. 

It is true that Second Edition is a second generation of ministers that upholds the mission of seeing the lost saved & the broken restored, bringing encouragement to the hurting, and sharing the freedom that comes through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ…but that is not all.  We are all created in the image and likeness of almighty GOD.  Just as the “second edition” of a book is based upon and draws from the example of the first, we should all keep our eyes on the Lord Jesus Christ as an example in our lives and base all we do on His Word.  We all should strive each day to be more like our Creator and share the Gospel message with a lost and dying world.  Although only two of the five original members remain, the mission and message has never changed. 

Today, Second Edition is composed of four dedicated and talented men who respect the calling of Christ in their lives.  Although the group travels on a “part-time” basis, each member invests a “full-time” commitment into the organization and its mission.  The group today consists of Anthony Bennett, baritone/manager; Brad Everington, lead/piano; Jonathan Pope, tenor; and Keith Jones, bass guitar. Together, the group contends to present the “Good News” with humility and sincerity, as well as enthusiasm, quality, class, and professionalism.  Since the beginning, they have recorded a total of thirteen albums, become a long-standing and committed member group of the East Coast Gospel Music Association, purchased a custom coach for travel, been featured on both television and radio, and ministered to countless souls across the east and beyond.  Even so, the measure of success is not based upon accomplishments, but rather the contribution to the Kingdom by leading souls to a transforming knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and His finished work on the cross.  Second Edition strives to produce an entertaining and high-energy worship experience for its audience, and is determined to reach the young and old through a unique blend of progressive and traditional harmonies, profound lyrics, and personal testimony.



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